ASMR Frequently Asked Questions

New to ASMR? You will find the answers to some of your questions below.

What is ASMR?

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a relaxing tingling sensation that you may experience in your body or on your skin. It can often start at the top of your head and make its way down to your neck and spine. This experience often gives you a calming sensation of relaxation and wellbeing and you can also experience tingles.

There are lots of different ASMR triggers out there to help you to relax such as soft spoken, whispering voices and trigger sounds such as tapping.

Does everyone have ASMR?

I think there are some people who don't experience ASMR but I believe everyone has the ability to experience ASMR, you just need to find the trigger that speaks and works for you. If you haven't found your trigger or haven't experienced ASMR then don't worry, perhaps you will. Perhaps you just haven't found the trigger that speaks for you just yet, so keep an open mind when watching ASMR videos.

I have created ASMR playlists on My YouTube channel to help you to find what you're looking for.

What are ASMR Triggers?

ASMR Triggers vary. What works for you may not necessarily work for someone else. Everyone has their own triggers that work for them.

Some popular ASMR Triggers to help you to sleep, relax and get tingles are:

  • ASMR Sounds
    Tapping, scratching, crinkling sounds, page turning, typing, whispering, soft spoken voices and sticky sounds.

  • ASMR Personal Attention
    Haircutting, hair brushing, ear massage often seen in ASMR roleplays.

  • ASMR Whispering
    Whispers and soft spoken voices are the most popular ASMR trigger.

Q&A with YouTuber Holly ASMR

Here are some answers to popular questions I get asked by my subscribers.

Why did you start an ASMR YouTube channel?

ASMR has always helped me to reduce anxiety and sleep so I wanted to give something back by contributing to the ASMR community. I love making ASMR videos, it helps me to relax and your positive feedback telling me how much my videos help you make it worthwhile.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Do you experience ASMR?

Yes I experience ASMR ever since I was a child, before I even knew what it was!

Whats your favourite ASMR Trigger?

I enjoy most ASMR triggers but my favorites have to be whispering and 3Dio ear massage videos.

How can I support your YouTube channel?

I make ASMR videos for free but if you'd like to give something back then you can support me on Patreon or donate to me on PayPal.

Donations are appreciated as they help me to continue to grow my channel and invest more time into uploading videos more often.

Thank you in advance! :)

Which microphones do you use for ASMR videos?

I use a 3Dio and Blue Yeti microphone for the best sound quality.